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susan ziegler:
“My managers love your headshots, love them, LOVE them, LOVE THEM, LOOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM!!!!”

ursula taherian:
“Effin SICK!  I love it, Love it!”

corinne louie:
“Hey David,  All are in an uproar over the headshots.  Kudos to you for making everyone I know freak out over pictures of my head.  You rock!”

simone policano:
“YOU ARE AMAZING!! I have no words! Now I know how everyone feels after working with you WOW. …HAVE I SAID THANK YOU ENOUGH? :)”

leslie erin roth:
“……! Oh my goodness – I am overjoyed, astonished, and so grateful.  You captured me in beautiful, dimensional ways that all exceeded my wildest imagination – words of thanks don’t even come close, but thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!  You both are amazing artists and amazing people – our time together on 8/25 was unforgettable, and I will cherish and use these headshots with joy – for as many years as I can until my appearance changes to the point that it makes sense to make my second journey to Burlington Coat Factory and then to you guys in Bushwick – haha!
Wishing you wonderful starts to September, cool breezes, and happy hearts.”

michael steger:
“Robert Ulrich from Ulrich/Dawson Kritzer Casting said ‘This is one of the best headshots I’ve seen in my office!’. And Carol Frazier, head of HBO Casting really dug your pics. She’s using you as one of her recommendations to clients looking for photographers”.

addie weyrich:

alexis carra:
“…I finally showed them to my mother who started crying…AND Marcus Chait said, and I quote, “The D man did you right, girl!” haha you’re becoming famous!”

delia sweeney:
“have i told you lately… that i love you? i am so excited i don’t know what to do with myself.”

jai franklin:
“Thanks David! i am BEYOND happy with the headshots! BEYOND! I WILL REFER YOU TO EVERYONE I KNOW, INCREDIBLE, THANK YOU!”

jenna stewart:

peter arpesella:
“Fuckin’ A, man!”

william sumsky:
“Hey David. I just got the photos & holy shit man. I look like Mount Rainier and I love it! …I’m beyond excited. Everyone loves them! Thanks so much for everything. Hope to see you soon! ”

dre swain:
“HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO NARROW THESE DOWN?!?! I couldn’t be happier with how the headshots came out!!!  Great work!  And thank you so so much!  I don’t know how I’m ever going to narrow it down. In short, you rule.”

shawna wesley:
“I LOVE MY PICTURES!!! Thank you sooooo much david, I love my pics!!!  I am meeting with my agent tomorrow to go over them and I am so excited for him to see them!!! YOUR THE BEST!!!!! Your biggest fan:)” … … “My agent LOVED the pics!!” I LOVE THEM!! THEY ARE PERFECT!!!”

priscilla bonet:
“I wanted to let you know; I’ve been getting so many compliments from casting directors on my headshots. Like – every single person! Like I just came out of an audition and they’re saying ‘Oh my god, this is one of the best headshots we’ve ever seen!! It looks exactly like you, it perfectly captures you, who is your photographer?!!’ they LOVE it! like BIG casting directors!! they’re all like really liking it!! So anyway, thank you! I’m so happy i’ve got some fucking great headshots!!”

charlene deguzman:
“i wanted to let you know that i just came from a workshop with a casting director, and your famous brick/tattoo headshot (still and will always and forever be my favorite, i hope i can make it last forever,) is still a big hit.  she told me she absolutely loved it.  and then when she got to someone’s crappy headshot, she went back to mine and said, “see, this is what we expect.  this is the level you want to get at.  this is where you need to be.”  thought you’d like to know.  it’s kind of ridiculous how bad most actors’ headshots are!”

spiro g:
“Thanks again for your time and talents. So very thrilled for these pictures. I’m writing a letter because: I think you’re both wonderful humans, and also because no one writes letters anymore, and I miss those days. Thanks again. Keep inspiring and live your best life every day.”

joe souza:
“David, Joe Souza here. uh… these headshots are un-fucking-believable. i mean, i have so many favorites. i mean this in a good way, un-fucking-believable in a good way. it’s like i have close to 70 favorites and it’s really amazing. you are INCREDIBLE. I’ll be in touch and thank you so much, I couldn’t be happier.”

audrey tomassini:
“the pics are fucking fantastic! You genius!”

 lidiya korotko:
“Soooooo I finally got to see the pics last night. Okay and here I go…. I know that everybody is happy with their pics. Well, I am MAD!! I am VERY VERY UPSET cause I cant narrow them down. From 350 images I picked 77 and that is it, I am in love with all 77 of them and dont know what to do. I need your help choosing the one and only headshot, which is absolutely impossible for me to do on my own!!!! I am DAMN MAD at you David!

olivia balardo:
“hey, i just want to pass on some cool news. my agents just LOVE the headshots they are just crazy about them. they said that they could have just thrown a dart at the contact sheet to pick the photo, and that’s a quote. so i wanted to share the good news, and i was really happy to hear that.”

ian bouilion:
“Hi David,Holy shit, these photos are unbelievable!! Seriously, without a doubt the best headshots I’ve ever had. Thank you so much!!”

adrian davey:
“david, i just wanted to say thank you, i just edited through my photos and narrowed it down to about 100 photos. really great stuff, really beautiful, thank you. you did a great job, i’m really very excited. my wife really loves it, my “handsomeness”, “there’s a whole lot of handsomness going on” she said (laughing), she said the madmen ones are “provocative”.

peter “peetey wheatstraw” humer:
“Nolesification, just a little thank you for your fricken genius and warmth. I’m gonna have to get you up on the street lingo, but all in due time. I wish you the best and I hope you get busier and busier like you deserve…”

jeff (actor and headshot photographer):
holy batshit!  That’s like, amazing…they look retardedly good…  argh! my manager and my commercial agent loved the pix… I gave Coast to Coast (talent agency) your info, Dawn didn’t know who you were, but I had her look you up, she loved your stuff. Nice work my friend”.

 tracy coogan (the evening she got her pics):


tracy coogan (the next morning):
“i know i wrote you last night but i wanted to call in person. they are absolutely fantastic. i am SO FUCKING HAPPY with my pictures, you have no idea. i can’t even like… i’m sure you’re used to hearing this but they’re amazing, they’re the best pictures i’ve ever had. and i mean that sincerely, the best pictures i’ve ever had. i- i mean there’s a hundred pictures i want. they’re absolutely great and so… diverse and you just did an amazing job. you’re such a great photographer. i am so FUCKING HAPPY i found you. i’m SO happy i found you. i just look at them and i see such a confident person. i am just so happy that we sat down, and talked, and shot. and i can’t even tell you more and more what i feel with your picutres. i am really happy with them. i am going to work my fucking ASS off with these pictures. you are going to help me make a lot of money with that! awesome!!…”

 ashley noel (after going through her images):
“Why are you the best photographer ever?????”

dominic spillane:
“David, the headshots are amazing! Thank you so much, it will take a while to pick a couple I think. I really couldn’t be more pleased and excited.”

sarah cooper:
“I love you.”

harlee moccia:
“Hi David, I’m dropping off the disc to my agents tomorrow. I LOVE THEM! I think my agents will, too. There are so many to choose from. Thank you again. They really are wonderful. That is me, right? HA HA”

charlie capen:
“Hey David, Great shooting with you. I don’t think I’ve had a more relaxed and creative atmosphere shooting before. It’s always been either too frenetic, too introverting or a complete lack of communication.So, thanks again! I’m very pumped about seeing the shots.”

 natalie ridley:
“hey david, i just wanted to thank you because you are such the most fabulous artist ever. my agents love your work, and so does my manager. …I just wanted to let you know your shit is the bomb.”

emily hache:
“BTW, the first thing the manager I was meeting said was “Great shoot.  Who’s the photographer?”  She then proceeded to go immediately to your website while I was sitting there.  She then said on seeing the first photo on the site, “Wow, that’s a nice shot.  You always know a good photographer when the first shot on their site is really good.”  Kudos to you for being brilliant and making me look brilliant, too!”

steve halasz:
“Hey David.  I’ve had some time to really digest all the pictures.  I’ve read all the comments on your site where other people get their pictures and they’re blown away.  They mostly all seem to have to use the word ‘fuck’ to really convey how great they are.  ‘Fuck’ just isn’t a strong enough word sometimes though.  I need to use 2 ‘fucks’.  So, let me say that the photos are unfuckfuckingbelievable.  There are tons of shots that have that warmth and depth that I was hoping we’d get. …Thanks again for all the hard work you put in on these.”

david guttierez:
“My Favorite Photographer, Just wanted to let you know that the pics are perfect! Anyway Just so you know my agent loved all the pics, they had a hard time trying to pick only two. Again thank you for a great shoot I had a good time. Hope all is well and that we’ll see each other again.” ….”Thank you so much, you are the best! The Pics are awesome!!!”

giovannie espiritu:
“You are most awesome! Here’s a testimonial for you: David Noles is king of the SUPER BAD ASS headshots!!! He actually takes his time to get to know you and capture the essence of what makes you shine on camera. He put back the art in headshot photography, instead of the ubiquitous blah stuff you see out there. My agents and managers think they are fab!’ ..Thanks man! David Noles MOTHAFUCKA!! LOL”

douglas stockley:
“Beautiful. Thank you.” …”Thank you again for an amazing day of shooting.  Just from the quick previews we did I know I have more than enough for a kick ass card.  You have a great eye…”

will schaub:
“i showed the photos to carol over at CESD, they went crazy, they loved them”

 belove orr:
“the pictures are superb, they’re superb.” …”I put up my two favorite images untouched, and within an hour, I had my first audition, and it was my first audition in several weeks. …I just really appreciate the fact that you exist and came into my life and blessed me with your talents. So thank you, you touched me and you touched many others and I’m thankful for that.”

emily hache:
“Hi David, They are gorgeous.  I mean truly gorgeous. I can’t thank you enough–I can hardly wait to get these out to the world!”

jacqueline quinones:
“Hey David! Let me say first and foremost that I LOVE the photos you took of me.  It was very difficult to pick just five never mind one!  You’re a great photographer. Thanks so much David!  Can’t wait to shoot again with you, you’re the best!”

heather copeland:
“wow!! you ARE GOOD! everyone has raved about your work and I have people already asking me for your number!!!!” “You’re a genius!!!… thank you so so much, you truly are fabulous.”

 christine meyers:
“Ira said (Ira Liss, talent manager) ‘This photographer really did a bang up job. He nailed it. This is one of the best headshot sessions I’ve ever seen.”

jen dede:
“Got the pictures and they’re SO stunning if I do say so myself. Beautiful, beautiful, they really pop. Araceli (talent agent, Pantheon) saw them as well and she just thinks they’re fantastic” …”I’m back from Chicago and the crew of agents and managers LOVE the pictures. They’re just totally psyched and Araceli couldn’t be happier. And my manager is so so so excited with the 6 you chose, they couldn’t even choose between them! You just did such a great job. they’re just fantastic.” …”You’re brilliant. I will continue to recommend you like crazy, crazy, crazy!”

matt salnick:
“These are the best pictures I’ve had, you’re a true artist.”

paul major:
“David, Haven’t picked out ‘my three’ yet, but I wanted to let you know that I’ve scanned through the session and I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY happy with it.

This is the first photo session I’ve had where I’ve felt like I’ve actually had a lot of ‘myself’ represented.  A lot of that is because I feel comfortable with you, but as much is due to your talent with composition and how you see light. THANK YOU”

megan hallin:
“I love my photos. I’m so happy, thank you thank you. You are amazing.”

darren cappozi:
“dude, i’m looking at the shots with my agent right now and we are fuckin’ blown away!!!”

“I love the pictures thank you so much!!”… “I am a perfectionist and am very rarely impressed.  You are the first photographer that I feel completely confident that the pictures will turn out amazing and even more you put up with my need for meticulous changes and are happy to comply 🙂 thank you I wouldn’t recommend you the way I do if I didn’t feel this way.”

sarah, of the happy hollows:
“what are you thanking us for??!! THANK YOU!!!! These are INCREDIBLE!!!! I am really shocked…these are like nothing we have seen before of us!! You are a genius. Seriously.I don’t know, it’s really such a work of art what you did, that is so beyond the normal “live rock photo shoots”. I am seriously blown away, Thank you so much David!!!”

sarah poynter:
“I love the pics. My career coach has already recommended you to some of her other clients. Yeah!”

jamie hernandez:
“Hey David, First and foremost, thank you so much for my pictures. I absolutely love them, Samantha (my agent) loves them and I can’t wait to put them online.”

mary chris wall:
“you are a rock star.”

tom swanson:
“Dude, they’re awesome. Carol (agent with CESD) is blown away. You did an awesome job! You gave me a good problem. How the hell am I going to pick ’em?” …”You’re the man…money well spent. Thanks again. You do awesome work. Be proud.”

bob bancroft:
“Noles– I just checked your website, and you haven’t ghostwritten my “comments” for me yet, so here goes:  Such a sensitive, caring, nurturing environment, in which I felt truly free to express my innermost feelings and —  oh, wait, that was my periodontist.  Got confused.  He does some spectacular x-rays. But you, my friend, take some awesome photos.  I got exactly what I wanted – a really authentic look into who I am, in all kinds of permutations.  You know that I’ve had a few photo shoots in my time (I do think the phrase “headshot slut” was uncalled for, but I’ll let it go) and I have never laughed so much, or behaved so badly, or had so much fun – and then gotten the best pictures of my life out of it.  Really, a one-of-a-kind experience, and exceptional work from you.

PS — and the lens cap thing, never gets old, funny every time.  My advice is, keep it.

justin holt:
“YEAH!!!! hahaha, i love it!!” … “i feel really strongly about them and am extremely happy with the way they turned out. when i look at my top six, i am actually filled with a deep sense of pride and confidence, with an eagerness to get them out there as an excellent representation of myself.”

holly hindman:
“THEY LOOK AMAZING!!!!!  thank you thank you thank you!  I’m so excited to make reproductions:)  recommending you to everyone!  so many compliments so far!!!! THANKS DAVID!!!!”

christy crowley:
“David- I am joining the faculty of a Pilates training program and had to send my head shot to the director, a woman I have known for many years. She raved about the photo you took. I wanted to again thank you for your awesome work”

jim holdridge:
“D! They look so great. I’m thrilled! Not even quite sure how to whittle it down! wow. they look amazing…”

 alexa joy:
“Like it? I LOVE it.”

shelley boone:
“Thanks David!  This is FANTASTIC!  I love them all!”

janelle taylor:
“the photos are fantastic. wanted to let you know that i LOVE the photos. I knew as soon as i opened them that overall it was the best shoot i’d had yet. i then made 4×6’s and dropped them with marianne (manager) and waited eagerly for her response… and she thinks they’re great too!!!”

robb curtis brown:
“i got a call from my commercial agents early friday morning, having looked at them and they were THRILLED with the pictures. the toughest thing now is going to be finding which one to use because there are so many great ones. i’m so happy that this worked out and that you gave me your time and that i …..gave you my money!”

arlene santana:
“Hey! They look fantastic!! It’s really amazing to see all of the different looks… from tough look to sexy girl to girl next door. They all look so great its going to be hard for me to choose from!!!!”

kat delapp:
“the pictures are amazing thank you so much again!!”

ganer newman:
“Hey man, the new picture looks flipping amazing. As they say, ‘it ain’t easy being the king’, but you did a really fantastic job so thank you!!”

lindsey repp:
“…my sisters roomy is a publicist and I sent some of the shots over to them and they TOTALLY FREAKED!!!!  In a very very good way.  They just bought a domain with my name and are gonna start a website for a lindsey repp fan club lol..it’s too funny.  The point being, your shots inspired the whole thing so thanks a ton!”

nikki hester:
“Hey David… Just wanted to say hello and thank you again for my headshots.  I have had great success with them and look forward to more.  I have gotten several stunt jobs and booked a national commercial!!  I know my headshot is my greatest tool and I thank you for doing such a beautiful job 🙂 Thanks!”

bobbie minton:
“The pictures are amazing!!! Not me, I mean YOUR lighting and composition.  I think the locations and lighting really capture each of the different moods and characters.  Thank you for all of your hard work and for making me feel so at ease!”

chris dugger:
“Wow-  Wow.” …”I’m telling the National Theater Institute to recommend you as the person in LA to get headshots.”

audrey tommassini:

marcus chait:
(after receiving the disc) “I’m only on the first location and SHOCKED at how many I like. Well played!” …  “Dude, you did such a great job. my wife and I were blown away.” “Everybody is LOVING the pics.”

carley marcelle:
they look absolutely fantastic!!!! you’re awesome….

jenny mendoza:
“I love the pictures! theyre beautiful!!! thank you so much! i actually look flawless :)”

joshua janiak:
“the photos look amazing; the colors are unreal.”

— headshots in nyc, david noles—

mark buccola:
“I am blown away….This is going to open me up to a whole new market!”

promise lamarco:
“I love them!!  They look great- you did an amazing job with the backdrops and lighting- they are even better than I expected.  It will be a luxury problem to narrow them down.”

 alexa joy:
“First, I can’t tell you how much I love the pictures. The people I’ve shown them to tell me they are the best pics they’ve ever seen of me.”

“hey man, just wanted to let you know I booked my first gig, a suzuki gig, and everyone loves the pictures. So I just wanted to thank you again.”

—acting headshots nyc, david noles—

briana eason:
“David, I love them! thank you sooo much!”

joseph bisoglio:
“The agents LOVE the photos. Not LIKE. LOVE.” …”I’m totally excited about the pictures. We got all the shots I wanted, exactly, and the photos look great! Also I really think I can begin to put together a zed card for modeling from what we took. Excellent bonus.”

 devin skrade:
“They are fantastic, and Carroll at CESD loved them, so thank you”

brit morgan:
“I love the pictures! I don’t even know which ones to choose!”… “That was the best shoot ever, I wish we could shoot every week. If i had millions of dollars, I’d do a shoot with you every weekend” …thanks for making it so difficult for everybody to pick shots. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!”

—acting headshots nyc, david noles—

arlo hemphill:
“LOVE THEM! Thanks so much David. You are a genius.” …”By the way, yesterday I was on the set of a History Channel re-enactment that I was hired for and a print out of the  headshot was on the wall of the dressing room, pasted next to a picture of the character I was to be. Anyway, the casting director came in, pointed at it and said – “by the way, that is an amazing headshot. I love how it is composed with background and the coloring – you don’t see ones that nice so often.'”

jeff blum:
“First off let me say the headshots turned out AMAZING. Thank you so much!…” …”Proofs look AMAZING! Thanks Thanks Thanks!”

clayton singer:
“I’ve been looking through the pics from the shoot and I’m so happy with them! I’ve also been able to see all of Isabel’s and Henry’s! They are all so incredible. I’ll contact you soon about retouches! You guys deliver the BEST head shots. Thank you both a million!!!!”

fiama traxler:
“Dear David: Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.  Thanks for spending the time and coaching me yesterday. You are such a sweet and genuine person.  A breath of fresh air.  I wish I could have taken you to dinner.  Will you take a rain check? “

dr john rubinow:
“like i said in the email carol was stoked and i was too. they came out great. you’re REALLY good. and you work hard, and that’s cool. i can tell you care about what you do and that’s appreciated. you’re the antithesis of the guy i shot with before.”

peter arpesella (a really nice note from peter to all his contacts – thanks peter!):
“I just shot with David Noles, a truly gifted headshot photographer. David has a talent with framing, lighting and a unique sensitivity to find the best location for the person/artist you are as well as the types of shots you’re looking for. Friendly, easy to work with and fun. I strongly recommend him. Hoping this finds you all well,

Best, Peter Arpesella”

carlisle forrester:
“hey david- These are AMAZING! I love them so much. …this has been the hardest decision ever!”

shawn richardson:
“i just wanted you to know  that after reviewing the headshots i have come to the conclusion that they are the best pictures of me that have ever been taken, outside of ones where i am in a compromising position that can be used for blackmail at a later date. my agents love them and everyone who has looked has asked for your number. i, of course, have said that i took them myself, and will be taking all the glory. really man they are fantastic. it has taken a while to whittle the number down to what the agency wants to use, but that is your own damn fault for taking so many good ones.”

marissa moses:
“I absolutely love how they turned out!  Thank you so much.  I really couldn’t be happier.”

peggy ahn:
“HOLY CRAP. Holy Crap David!!!  There are so many great choices.  I am ssoooo Happy.  These are the best headshots I’ve ever taken.” …”I put my pics up on IMDB, they look sooooo GREAT.  Thank you!!!!  I Love Them.”

kristina worosz:
“David, I love you! The headshots are stunning! Thank you!!”

dijen cain:
“David, I just took my first look through all the headshots! Abso-fuckin-lutely love them! Now for the hard part…to find my two. For the first time ever i’m going to have a rough time picking which ones will get me work….there’s so many to chose from!! Sweeeeet!”

 brooke lenzi:
“U r a god”

gil mancheca:
“David, they look amazing!!”

 allyn rachel:
“hi David Noles! so i love my headshots. i’m beyond thrilled with how they turned out, you are amazing. my mother is obsessed with them, i’m getting daily emails from her written entirely in caps lock with new different ones that she loves. thank you so much for everything, it was such a pleasure working with you, you are ridiculously talented and so cool. i’ve gotten such positive feedback on the pics, all of my actor friends have said ‘i’m going to him next time!'”

avelawance phillips:
“O.M.G that’s amazing!”

 mark nelson:
“Thanks David! The headshots are so good. My wife say’s “for once you finally got good ones!” She wants to shoot with you now and will be contacting you shortly. Thanks a million!”

josh cox:
“They look awesome!!”

alice sherman:
“Oooooooh!! I love them! I love what you’ve done to the eyes. They look beautiful. Thank you soo much!

ron reznick:
“i wanted to call you and thank you for everything. i am thrilled with my headshots. i just got out of isgo (www.isgophoto.com) and everyone loved them. i mean really loved them. the guy behind the counter said that the main shot was one of the best headshots he’d seen in a really really long time. i also showed it to a couple of girls in line and they were flipping out about it. So just thank you, they’re great shots and I really appreciate it.”

lilly macdowell:
“This shit is crazy good. I am so happy!”

—headshots nyc, david noles—

erica johnson:
“Thank you, thank you, thank you, David, for my arsenal of fabulous headshots I’ve passed along several to my family and friends, and we all agree that these are my best photos ever! And the afro pictures turned out great, too!!! Now, I am on to tackling the task of selecting my favorites for my agents’ viewing and for retouching. Without a doubt, I have a wide selection from which to choose. The pictures were certainly worth the wait – the weather delays, my trip home, etc – and I have already begun recommending you to my other actor/entertainer friends. Hopefully, they, too, will come your way. As soon as I narrow my selection down to the ones for retouching, I will be in touch!!! Again, thank you!!!!!!”

thompson howell:
“Hi, David…. I’ve been meaning to write for ages.  I had my headshots printed up about a month ago and they look fabulous!  I’m getting lots of positive comments about them.  It was a real pleasure to work with you on them, and I particularly like the hurry-free environment you create so nobody feels rushed to get all the shots in a set amount of time.  You can be sure I’ll be back next time around! My friend Chris Agos said he enjoyed his time with you recently as well. Use any of that on your site, if you want.  Otherwise, have a great holiday season!”

jennifer hubilla quinn:
“Yes, they’re great!  Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Hope you have a fantastic Christmas!!!”

 paula rhodes:
“I LOVE LOVE LOVE them :-)”

jill shackelford:
“Fucking phenomenal!!! Love’em!”

—acting headshots nyc, david noles—

alla poberesky
“mr noles, i just met with an agent that i’m going to most likely be working with. i brought her a disc and she literally had like 50 different choices. she’s like ‘i’ve never really had this problem. usually in a roll i can pick like one or two that i like”. she actually sent me away without picking! she couldn’t decide. so it’s a very good problem to have. also the commercial and theatrical agent were like “who is this guy”, they wanted to know all about you, and they wanted to refer some clients… i gave them all your info and told them you were awesome. they look great. they all said that the headshots really bring me out, and it’s a good thing! Thank you”

jen nino:
“Nice work David! These turned out fucking great. I narrowed it down to about 30 for my agent, but I’ve already got my top 7. Beautiful job, can’t wait to get them in some casting offices.”

carolyn zanelli:
“i just want to call and let you know …i love the headshots, they are… you can’t imagine how i felt when i sat down, and they’re just all great and i have so much to choose from. thank you again.”

lilly mcdowell:
“Finally I have decided on 2 photos. That was so hard!! You made it virtually impossible. Everyone I’ve showed them too LOVES them and I have been raving about you all over town. Thank you so much for the best headshot experience ever! You are the master.”

—acting headshots nyc, david noles—

emily harrison:
“Hey david, I just wanted to say thank you. I’m very very happy with my headshots I’m sure ill have some touch up questions pretty soon once I narrow down my choices a bit more. But right now I just wanted to say thanks.”

natasha lores:
“Bad ass Motha… Hey I love my pictures. You are the man!!!

tiffany cole:
“On a side note, I want to thank you for this entire experience. I don’t think, in fact I know I have never had as good a feeling going into, throughout and leaving a headshot shoot. I was obviously nervous the day of, and you made me feel at ease, confident in you and the process, and a little more sure that whatever I had done up until that point was going to work out in the end. Moreover, our first conversation was an amazing starting point for me. At the photo shoot, I remember feeling reassured watching you as you thought about my characters, the backgrounds, how the lighting was working with me, etc. – I had finally gone with a professional choice off one meeting, research and gut-instinct, and I was right; can’t tell you how often that doesn’t work out 🙂

“You’ve made picking my favorite a very difficult task. Great job Dave. You were worth every penny, and then some”

justis kao:
“hey david! just wanted to let you know that your headshots have been booking me a lot of work! we used a lot of your pictures on my new card which the clients have all commented on.  thanks again!”

dominc spillane:
“Alright. I wasn’t kidding. It’s been hard to pick. I also ran into another one of your clients (I forget her name at the moment) but she said she’s had only amazing responses from her pics.”

tom kelly:
“hi david, it’s tom kelly – calling to tell you how pleased i am with the headshots. great work, great work. i am so happy, pleased. there are so many great shots. great work, i couldn’t be more happy”

carley marcelle:
“they look absolutely fantastic!!!! you’re awesome…”

erin stegeman:
“David, These headshots are fantastic!!!  I’m down to 67…I’m so glad it’s such a tough choice!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! PS…everyone loves them!”

—acting headshots nyc, david noles—

lisa roumain-smith
“Hi David! Ok, they are amazing!!! There are so many to choose from, I can’t even deal with it! It was such a great experience working with you, and  it really shows in my photos. I look relaxed and I look like my “best self,” so what more could I hope for?! I know my agents will be thrilled, I’ll contact you soon with our choices. Big hug, Lisa”

devin kelly:
“I LOVE the pics, so does everyone that has seen them…”

cristina cimellaro:
“HI! I booked a national Sprint Commercial!!!!! WOOOO!!!  A lot of actors have been asking me about my headshots, so I’ve been giving them your website, I’m trying to weed out the crazy ones but sometimes its hard to tell.  🙂 CC”

krystal compton:
“OMG!! I love them all!! Now i got to choose 3, how hard!! But cool!”

jun kim:
“Hi David, Hope you’re doing wonderful. First of all, I looooove the headshots and so does my agent. There are so many to choose from and I’m so happy about it! :)”

 —acting headshots nyc, david noles—

gloria perez:
“Hope you are well and not working too hard (but you probably are)! I have had three auditions this week from my new headshots!! I am so happy with them and wanted to thank you again :)”

jamie slaughter: “hey david, i was just calling to say thank you. these headshots are so amazing, they are so awesome. now i know i don’t have to go back to georgia to get new headshots…. thank you so much, they are so awesome, i just wanted to say thank you so much”

brit morgan (new shoot, 2 yrs later):
“HEY D, how are you?! It’s taken me so long to get to looking through my pics and then giving them to my agent and manager and all that crazy stuff but I’ve picked two and i just wanna say THANK YOU so much!!!  You really are the best photographer and person and i don’t know how you do what you do but you are truly amazing at it! I love my pics and i had so much fun shooting them with you. I never really thought head shots could be anything less than a big anxiety attack and it was very much the opposite so thanks for just being your amazing self.”

melanie lora:
“Hi David! Thanks for everything you’ve done on the pictures post- shoot. You’re amazingly generous. The consensus is they’re the best headshots I’ve ever had and my theatrical agent is going to start recommending you. Yay!”

—acting headshots nyc, david noles—

rachel saydak:
“hi david.. i love love love the headshots and i think my agent loves them even more. everyone in the office thought they looked great and natural and that it captured me and that they have sooooooo many options and the lighting and everything… thank you again.  i am so happy they turned out so well and that i see “me” in them…. and they look good and i love the lighting and the most important thing…. my eyes!”

erica everage:
“They look amazing David! I am so happy.”

jessica etheridge:
“LOVE the photos!! Thank you so much David!” …”everyone in my class wants you to do their headhsots! look out :-)”

thomas sparks:
“Either I’m a beautiful man or you are gifted… probably a little bit of both. They look great!”

—acting headshots nyc, david noles—

eden riegel:
“David, Thank you so much!!  These are absolutely incredible.  I’m thrilled. My only concern is how the hell am I ever going to choose?  You are crazily talented.  I feel so lucky to have found you.  I will recommend you to everyone! …I must say, the hazard of having such great headshots is that it’s near impossible to decide. “